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Transmigration 9

Pan-fandom, SciFi, and Screwed-Up

Outside the city...
There were outdoor floating markets and such, with the same goods as inside the city and the delicious food was free, but to those stuck outside, it was rather boring for a while.

Until the sun started to go down that first night.

The people selling their wares quickly packed up and went inside the city for the night with a practiced urgency.

It was little known by all, but to the city guides, the Elders often said of those that were not allowed in: "Leave them to the wolves."

There was a reason for that.

And "Wolves" was only the closest translation.

Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
The ceremony was rather simple. And wonderful.

On the left, there were low tables (meant to be knelt at for the larger folks, and easy to climb on for the smaller folks) with an assortment of various strange, multicolored foods. (The rule of thumb was: smell it first. If it smelled like rancid goat cheese, it probably wouldn't taste very good to your species). There was music and strange stringed instruments and ones that looked like they were made of light and sounded like they were. There were Moai singing, and Rapa Nui laughing and telling stories and dancing wildly. The Moai and Rapa Nui men were wearing their brightest clothes, wrapped around their wastes, and bracelets and anklets made of gold and purple-colored metal trinkets that jangled. The women also wore bright dresses and wraps, and bracelets and anklets made of seed pods that rattled, and necklaces with beads of carved colored wood, made from fallen branches. They all had crowns and headpieces made of bright flowers.

People of all different species were there, some friends and family of the brides and grooms (and other grooms and brigrooms and snarvlets). Many were just strangers, celebrating joyfully for other strangers.

Over to the right there were many little temporary-looking tents and huts.

In the center were the monks and priests, male and female, sitting down on little grass and leaf mats covering in soft, bright cloth. Various little bowls and sundry things and dried flowers and such were gathered around each of them.

The people getting married were easy to spot--every inch of available skin was being colored with some sort of bright paste that in two separate preparation areas, was being smoothed on the men and women (and others) in beautiful swirling designs over every inch of their bodies.

Beyond it all was a large wall of stone and a metal gate, where the occasional happy couple wandered back through from the other side, looking tired and a little haggard, but joyful.

All in all, it liked like it was going to be quite the party.

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Tails is already getting to be pretty popular. He's run a few games of tag and hide-and-seek, and amassed a small pile of souvenirs as payment for carrying people around in the air.

At the moment, though, he's trying to ascertain the existence of any chili dog stands. This is difficult mainly because the chili dog is a specific cultural item.

"It's like meat. A tube of it. In bread. And there's chili on top."

"Chili, you know... like... sauce. With meat in. And onions and stuff."

"You don't know what onions are?!"

Tails is a stranger in a strange land.

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Not being allowed into the city doesn't mean that one can't enjoy the fact there happens to be an outdoors that one can enjoy. Pat can be found near the ship, idly looking around and watching for anything interesting, simply happy to spend some time off the ship. Toxin isn't nearly so relaxed, though-the symbiote has popped out his 'head', and is doing some venting by gnawing on a small branch that doesn't look like it take much more abuse.

"Settle down. There's no singing out here."

So far. And as soon as somebody does start singing, I'm-

"Just settle down and focus on the stick," Pat mutters back with a frown, continuing to look around. A distraction from a nervy symbiote would be welcome right about now.

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hunting outfit
This is an approximation of Sonia's brain right now:

There's things making out. This is, for a girl raised around farms full of animals and a village full of humans, not entirely unusual. BUT SOME OF THE THINGS ARE CLEARLY OF THE SAME SEX.

Normally, this is easily written off as some sort of demonic possession, evil, and blasphemy. Except that this place feels about as evil as a church (which, at least in her own stomping grounds, has not had the infestation of corruption that many associate with religious edifices). This means that the standard response of shouting and hitting things is not a particularly viable option.

So, she's doing her other standard reaction- fleeing into a less-populated area to try to calm down and make the headache of too much thinking go away. This will likely involve punching a tree or two for a while.

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The gathering is winding down.

"Well, I'm off to buy myself something sexy."

That was what Eden said to the group at large before she ambled over to the market. She walks slowly, idly examining the area now that their little group crisis has passed. She hadn't realized how much she'd missed crowds until now.

She glances back to see if Harper anyone's following.

Martine does as she promised, once everyone seemed to be settled, carefully easing Alessa onto her feet and guiding her to a quieter place - if Martine was a little more travelled, she'd call it a park. Seymour came too. (Come on, we're leaving, and a measured, thoughtful look.)

The park is small, and set into a narrow, twisted path she only just stumbled across, making sure to mark every corner and get it set in her mind. It wouldn't do not to be able to get back. Trees shade it from every side, raised roots nudged into growing into benches - it's one of these Martine helps Alessa onto, with a small, encouraging smile.

"There. Is this better?" She asks, settling down next to her.

Orongo City
The sky was a bright blue, tinged with gold, and the clouds were orangeish-gold, and road rather low in the sky due to gravity being stronger. The gravity was indeed a bit stronger, but even the weakest of them should have been able to manage.

Outside the ship, they were surrounded by blue-green fields of grass, dotted with multi-colored flowers. It seemed to be a parking lot of sorts. There were many ruts in the grass where ships appeared to have landed and taken off (although the grass was already regrowing in these places) and the large field, several miles across, was dotted with other ships of all shapes and sizes. Some of them were organic, like the Obs Deck (although without the strange umbilical cords spiraling up into the atmosphered) but most were mechanical, either streamlined and Star Trekkish or cobbled together like their crews had seen better days.

Behind their ship were short hills of grass and scrub that sloped down as they were currently on a flattish-space in plateau-type mountains. They could see where the land bridge they were on, sloped down to a drop, a few miles off in each direction.

In front of them was what looked more like a forest than a town or city. The trees were thick and grey-barked, like old growth, promordial forests of earth, but not nearly as tall. The gravity kept them squat, kept their light, blue and purple canopies fanning out. The city seemed to have a natural shade, thanks to the trees, and in various places, stone buildings jutted out and peeked out behind the leaves. The majority of the buildings in the village seemed to be made from trees cultivated to grow INTO houses, leaf canopies forming waterproof roofs, walls made out of some sort of plastered composite made from large waxy leaves and tree sap.

It was odd though, that such an open-looking city was surrounded by a large stone wall. It was beautifully carved, into strange amorphous shapes, like stars and the rays of suns, but still a big honking wall.

Treading through the grasses on long, thick legs, swinging its long arms, was one of the creatures they'd seen on the screen, wearing a maroon cloth tied around its waist.

It waved a long, four-fingered hand at them.

"Ki-aki!" Its voice wasn't very deep, like the voices of the Moai on the screen earlier, and it translated to them as some sort of Jamaican or island accent or whatever the equivalent was in their world. Since he was speaking another language, his mouth didn't match up with the words they heard.

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Stacy's voice came over the comm. It wasn't urgent, like those rather scary times before, but it was obvious that she wasn't going to shut up until everyone did what she said.

||Attention, Attention. All personnel please report to the Observation Deck. Attention, Attention. All personnel please report to the Observation Deck. Attention, Attention, all personnel...||

The mouth in the main sculpture on Obs Deck opened, revealing a screen with the image of a mottled blue and purple planet, rotating slowly.

GondepetilCollapse )

When everyone has gathered, Stacy was apparently briefing for the next mission.

Hopefully, no one would be used as a battery this time.


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Pat isn't quite sure if he should be glad that Toxin decided to spend his last bout of playtime in the Media Room or not. On the plus side, it means that the symbiote avoided another fight. On the downside...Pat's afraid that the movie he just watched might have given him ideas.

"Next time, run any movies you want to see past me before you watch them, okay?" he says as he heads out of the Media Room and into the hall.

Why? I thought it was a good movie. There was plenty of fighting. And I liked the aliens. The whole jumping out of people thing was pretty neat.

"Don't even think about trying it, Tox."

You're no fun, the symbiote grumbles, extending and flicking a tendril in an annoyed sort of way.

Pat just sighs and shakes his head, looking around. Perhaps there's someone around to distract him from bickering with Toxin, if only for a little while.


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