Pat Mulligan/Toxin (likeapoison) wrote in transmigration9,
Pat Mulligan/Toxin

Not being allowed into the city doesn't mean that one can't enjoy the fact there happens to be an outdoors that one can enjoy. Pat can be found near the ship, idly looking around and watching for anything interesting, simply happy to spend some time off the ship. Toxin isn't nearly so relaxed, though-the symbiote has popped out his 'head', and is doing some venting by gnawing on a small branch that doesn't look like it take much more abuse.

"Settle down. There's no singing out here."

So far. And as soon as somebody does start singing, I'm-

"Just settle down and focus on the stick," Pat mutters back with a frown, continuing to look around. A distraction from a nervy symbiote would be welcome right about now.
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