Pat Mulligan/Toxin (likeapoison) wrote in transmigration9,
Pat Mulligan/Toxin

Pat isn't quite sure if he should be glad that Toxin decided to spend his last bout of playtime in the Media Room or not. On the plus side, it means that the symbiote avoided another fight. On the downside...Pat's afraid that the movie he just watched might have given him ideas.

"Next time, run any movies you want to see past me before you watch them, okay?" he says as he heads out of the Media Room and into the hall.

Why? I thought it was a good movie. There was plenty of fighting. And I liked the aliens. The whole jumping out of people thing was pretty neat.

"Don't even think about trying it, Tox."

You're no fun, the symbiote grumbles, extending and flicking a tendril in an annoyed sort of way.

Pat just sighs and shakes his head, looking around. Perhaps there's someone around to distract him from bickering with Toxin, if only for a little while.
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