A Ship Called Stacy (meatship) wrote in transmigration9,
A Ship Called Stacy

Orongo City

The sky was a bright blue, tinged with gold, and the clouds were orangeish-gold, and road rather low in the sky due to gravity being stronger. The gravity was indeed a bit stronger, but even the weakest of them should have been able to manage.

Outside the ship, they were surrounded by blue-green fields of grass, dotted with multi-colored flowers. It seemed to be a parking lot of sorts. There were many ruts in the grass where ships appeared to have landed and taken off (although the grass was already regrowing in these places) and the large field, several miles across, was dotted with other ships of all shapes and sizes. Some of them were organic, like the Obs Deck (although without the strange umbilical cords spiraling up into the atmosphered) but most were mechanical, either streamlined and Star Trekkish or cobbled together like their crews had seen better days.

Behind their ship were short hills of grass and scrub that sloped down as they were currently on a flattish-space in plateau-type mountains. They could see where the land bridge they were on, sloped down to a drop, a few miles off in each direction.

In front of them was what looked more like a forest than a town or city. The trees were thick and grey-barked, like old growth, promordial forests of earth, but not nearly as tall. The gravity kept them squat, kept their light, blue and purple canopies fanning out. The city seemed to have a natural shade, thanks to the trees, and in various places, stone buildings jutted out and peeked out behind the leaves. The majority of the buildings in the village seemed to be made from trees cultivated to grow INTO houses, leaf canopies forming waterproof roofs, walls made out of some sort of plastered composite made from large waxy leaves and tree sap.

It was odd though, that such an open-looking city was surrounded by a large stone wall. It was beautifully carved, into strange amorphous shapes, like stars and the rays of suns, but still a big honking wall.

Treading through the grasses on long, thick legs, swinging its long arms, was one of the creatures they'd seen on the screen, wearing a maroon cloth tied around its waist.

It waved a long, four-fingered hand at them.

"Ki-aki!" Its voice wasn't very deep, like the voices of the Moai on the screen earlier, and it translated to them as some sort of Jamaican or island accent or whatever the equivalent was in their world. Since he was speaking another language, his mouth didn't match up with the words they heard.
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