Martine (thepathofpins) wrote in transmigration9,


Martine does as she promised, once everyone seemed to be settled, carefully easing Alessa onto her feet and guiding her to a quieter place - if Martine was a little more travelled, she'd call it a park. Seymour came too. (Come on, we're leaving, and a measured, thoughtful look.)

The park is small, and set into a narrow, twisted path she only just stumbled across, making sure to mark every corner and get it set in her mind. It wouldn't do not to be able to get back. Trees shade it from every side, raised roots nudged into growing into benches - it's one of these Martine helps Alessa onto, with a small, encouraging smile.

"There. Is this better?" She asks, settling down next to her.
Tags: alessa gillespie, martine (red riding hood), seymour krelborn
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