Sonia Belmont (no_devo_quotes) wrote in transmigration9,
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This is an approximation of Sonia's brain right now:

There's things making out. This is, for a girl raised around farms full of animals and a village full of humans, not entirely unusual. BUT SOME OF THE THINGS ARE CLEARLY OF THE SAME SEX.

Normally, this is easily written off as some sort of demonic possession, evil, and blasphemy. Except that this place feels about as evil as a church (which, at least in her own stomping grounds, has not had the infestation of corruption that many associate with religious edifices). This means that the standard response of shouting and hitting things is not a particularly viable option.

So, she's doing her other standard reaction- fleeing into a less-populated area to try to calm down and make the headache of too much thinking go away. This will likely involve punching a tree or two for a while.
Tags: !plot: mission, ragetti, sonia belmont
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